Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if physical therapy is for me?


Are you experiencing pain during daily activities such as sleeping, driving, sitting, or working? Are you wanting to be your healthiest self but pain is in your way? Have you experienced a recent injury? Or have you had pain for many months, even years? If so, physical therapy is right for you. If you’re still unsure if we can help, set up a free movement assessment today and talk to a therapist face to face.

How many visits will I need?


The frequency and duration of therapy is a case by case decision between you and the therapist. However, at CSR you will receive one-on-one care every treatment. Due to this specialized care, we expect people to see significant improvements in 4-6 visits. This number could be more or less depending on the severity of your pain and individual goals. However, physical therapy is not a passive treatment. You will be responsible for working on assigned activities outside of your therapy visits to receive the greatest gains and improvements.  

What can I expect during my physical therapy visits?

Every visit is individualized for you, to meet your needs, and address your concerns. Our treatment sessions will be individualized to help you move better, feel less pain, and return to the things you enjoy without fear of further injury. At CSR, we focus on the whole body. We strive to find the root of your pain and design a plan specifically for you. Our goal is to teach you how to perform self-care at home for current and future pain so you can stay active and healthy.

How is this going to save me money in the long run?

We are confident that we can help decrease your pain in less time. We are here to help and get you back to doing what you love faster. Due to providing one-on-one services, we can treat and teach you on a weekly basis versus needing to come in multiple times in one week.

I have had pain for a really long time, can physical therapy really help?

YES!! We see many chronic pain patients at CSR. We strive to understand your unique situation in order to help you recover through extensive education. We provide you with the knowledge and the science behind pain so that you can learn how to manage it on your own.

Why capital sports rehab over any other therapy clinics?

At CSR, we focus on YOU. We will make listening to your concerns and goals our primary focus and build a treatment plan that suites you. We provide services such as dry needling, therapeutic cupping, functional exercises, and coordination; but what makes us unique is tailoring our plan around your goals, your concerns, and your health.

Do I have to stop doing the active things I enjoy?


Not at all! At CSR we believe that completely stopping the activities you love will negatively affect your recovery and general wellness. We encourage continuing the things you love, but may suggest modifications or more specific exercise progressions and parameters to promote healing, while continuing to do the things you enjoy.

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