We will continue to provide support during and after completion of your plan of care through phone calls, text, or emails.  We want to ensure you are back to a stronger, happy and healthier you.



Doctor of Physical Therapy

Jessica Harper graduated from Texas Woman’s University in Dallas, Texas with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2012. After graduation, she spent her time learning how to help patients recover from acute and chronic pain of the shoulder, low back, neck, knee, and foot/ankle.


Jessica has a passion for educating active people about ways to prevent injury so they can continue enjoying their passions. She also enjoys treating individuals who have gone through various treatments without resolution of their symptoms. She strives to educate her patients on how they can manage and control their pain without relying on medications so they can live a healthy, pain free lifestyle. Jessica has a certification in orthopedic manual therapy and dry needling and utilizes these skills in her practice daily. Jessica lives in Manor, Texas with her wife and mighty dog, Zeus.



Physical therapist assistant

Scarlett Gonzalez graduated from South University in Austin, Texas in 2017 with her Physical Therapist Assistant degree. Immediately following completion of her degree, Scarlett began helping students at the University of Texas recover from sports injuries and pursued an advanced certification in orthopedic manual therapy. She enjoys utilizing therapeutic cupping, kinesio-taping, and high-level strengthening exercises to help patients recover quickly from their hip, knee, and ankle pain so they can continue their active lifestyle.  


Scarlett’s love for soccer, tennis, weight lifting, and hot yoga is what drove her to co-start Capital Sports Rehab. Through living an active lifestyle, Scarlett understands how much an injury can negatively affect her patient’s happiness. She wants to empower her patients through different physical therapy techniques so that they don’t have to take time away from the things they enjoy most in life. 


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